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Wednesday, December 05, 2018
Statement on Gas Restoration For Self-Mitigating Customers

Joe Albanese, Chief Recovery Officer, today issued the following statement:

“With 95 percent of gas meters relit, we have made significant progress and are approaching our goal of fully restoring gas service to affected residences and businesses.

“With the exception of a few meters, the only remaining customers who need to have gas service restored are customers that chose to complete the work in their home and businesses themselves, independently of Columbia Gas contractors—a process referred to as self-mitigation. Today, the recovery team is renewing our offer to have Columbia Gas contractors assist self-mitigating customers however they may need. We have ample resources immediately available, qualified and ready to assist in the Merrimack Valley.

“We have contacted these customers repeatedly over the past two weeks to help accelerate their independent work, and have assigned project managers and Columbia Gas representatives to each case to continue the conversation and facilitate the customers’ progress.

“As Columbia Gas contractors near completion to restore gas service for all the residents who are allowing the company to do their repairs and replacements, contractors will begin ramping down the large team of contracting resources, such as plumbers and tradesman, over the next two weeks. We believe that in many cases, gas service will be restored more quickly if the customers utilize Columbia Gas resources rather than continue independently.

“As we work toward full restoration, we are not leaving any customer behind, and we want to make sure those self-mitigating customers know the resources of the recovery effort are here to help them get over the finish line. We want to hear their problems and help fix them—including through our next round of open houses on December 8th, where we will have claims and project management resources available to facilitate solutions.

“Those remaining self-mitigating customers can call 1-866-388-3239 if they want our contractors to perform their work.”

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