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Monday, October 29, 2018
FACT SHEET: Columbia Gas Customer Communications

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts today further outlined steps it is taking to improve the flow of timely and accurate information to customers affected by the September 13th incident.

In a press conference on Friday, October 26, state and local officials and Columbia Gas announced an updated timeline for the Merrimack Valley recovery process. As part of that, officials made a commitment to improve customer communications.

Below are further details on customer communications efforts:

  • WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Starting this week, Columbia Gas will be mailing a weekly newsletter to customers. The newsletter will provide specific updates on the various elements of the recovery and restoration activities, what customers can expect for the week ahead, and a list of available resources. This will be circulated in addition to other mail pieces. The first newsletter can be found here: ColumbiaGasMA.com/newsletter
  • INTERACTIVE MAP: The online interactive map will be re-launched this evening for the House Ready schedule range. When customers type in their address in the map, they will see a date range when work crews are expected to make their first visit to repair or replace their boilers or furnaces. Following that, workers will come back in following days to replace appliances like dryers and ranges. The interactive map can be found here: ColumbiaGasMA.com/map
  • 72 HOUR SCHEDULE: A 72-hour schedule will be posted daily on the Columbia Gas website so customers know where crews will be in the following 72 hours. That schedule can be found here: ColumbiaGasMA.com/schedule
  • PERSONAL CALL: For customers whose gas service will not be fully restored by November 19th, they will receive a phone call from Columbia Gas to identify their needs and provide resources. These calls will begin in the coming days and completed by Sunday, November 4
  • CALL CENTERS: Columbia Gas continues to operate its Affected Customer Helpline, which will now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number is 1-866-388-3239
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEBSITE: Columbia Gas will continue to regularly post FAQs and updates on its website and social media accounts @ColumbiaGasMA on Twitter and Columbia Gas of Massachusetts on Facebook
  • ADVERTISEMENTS: Columbia Gas has an ongoing paid media strategy providing updates for customers in both English and Spanish. This includes full-page newspaper ads and radio advertisements


  • Columbia Gas will continue to send mass e-mails to customers periodically.
  • Columbia Gas will continue to participate in meetings with customers and local elected officials (the company recently held three open house meetings in the three affected communities).
  • Columbia Gas will continue to provide written materials for work crews to provide to customers when they enter a home to do work.

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