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The Next Phase of Restoration

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At Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, we realize there’s plenty of work that still needs to be done. But we want you to know what’s been completed so far, and what to expect next.

The first step in our emergency rebuilding efforts was to quickly and safely restore gas service to all customers. We’re pleased to tell you that this work is complete.

We began by replacing damaged pipelines in the Merrimack Valley and inspecting our system. All told, we laid more than 43 miles of pipeline, installed more than 5,000 new service lines and performed more than 11,000 inspections to help ensure the integrity of our system and your continued safety.

We committed to replacing all gas appliances and related equipment in impacted customers’ homes. To date, we’ve replaced more than 18,000 appliances in the service area.

To make heat and hot water available immediately, we made temporary repairs to a number of residential furnaces and boilers with plans to replace them after the heating season is over. That plan is still in place. So, if we repaired such equipment in your home, rest assured, replacements will begin in the spring.

That’s also when weather conditions will allow for the restoration of areas where our pipeline construction took place. As soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws and settles, the process of fixing your roads and sidewalks will begin. Grass and shrubs will be replanted. And affected properties, both private and municipal, will be restored to their original or better condition.
You’ll see us fulfilling our commitments in your neighborhoods: replacing your repaired equipment, servicing your appliances and inspecting our pipes. Because at Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, we remain committed to the communities we serve.