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Restoring your community
Getting your natural gas service back on
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Progress We're Making

Our crews and partners continue to restore service in the Andover, Lawrence and North Andover communities.

Here are our latest stats.

Gas Ready
Service Lines

Meters Relit

Note: The approximate 7,500 residential meters serve approximately 10,000 dwellings.

Restoration Map

The map has been updated to show scheduled date ranges. This is the date range when crews are expected to make their first visit to repair or replace your boiler or furnace, and to replace your water heater. Following that, we will come back in following days to replace appliances like dryers and ranges.

The map below shows the approximate boundaries of the affected area, and the start and end of the date range for your address. Use the search bar to find your address, but you can also click on the shaded areas on the map or use the legend to see what each piece of the map means. Schedules are subject to change. This map is updated daily.